The Benefits of Essential Oils

Have trouble sleeping or trying to relax? You are not alone; this is one of the most common problems people face daily.  Here at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Township, we offer an assortment of Aromatherapy that can help with those issues.  Our Lavender and Zzz Life Sleep Blend Aromatherapy could do wonders to better your sleep and lower stress levels.

LaVida Massage Lavender Essential Oil is a 100% pure and organic oil with notes of floral.  Lavender has benefits to soothe and balance your surrounding atmosphere.

LaVida Massage Zzz Life is a blend of 100% pure and organic essential oils. This sleep blend has notes of floral and citrus which can produce calming, relaxing, and soothing benefits.   Both essential oils can be used topically on the body with a carrier like lotion or oil and through a diffuser or humidifier.

All aromatherapy products starting at $16.95 and members receive an additional 10% off! Stop in and take advantage of this great deal and do yourself a favor to relieve stress. To inquire for more information or purchase these products visit us Monday- Saturday between 9am-9pm or Sundays, 11am-6pm.